Monday, June 8, 2009

A Rose by Any Other Name... Is Still a Bitch.

So here’s the thing.

A couple weeks ago, I received some rather disappointing news regarding a singular pathetic reader of my blog, and deleted the entire thing in a moment of displaced rage. Tonight, after a completely unrelated conversation, I am back, and although I have a few ‘choice’ statements regarding that person in particular, they will not be made here.

But here is my disclaimer.

Although I am a ‘public servant’, that does not separate me from being human, a woman, a pioneer, or a… well…. Bitch. This is me, so suck it up.

That being said, this blog will not contain any direct reference to my job, my company, or my peers without their consent.

It WILL contain reference to my life, my travels, my home, my friends, my hopes, dreams, family, wants, needs, angers, pleasures, and yes, my opinions. Believe it or not, whether or not everyone shares my opinions, or anything else named here, is of no concern or consequence to me. Remember, I did mention up there somewhere that I am a bitch. You have a problem with that? Heh, here’s a quarter.

Until we meet again….


  1. I can certainly relate. Over the past year I've had my share of nasty comments from a blogger simply because of my profession even though what I do here is of no consequence to them and this person doesn't even live in Nunavut. I don't mind a good debate, I've been in the North for awhile now so I like to share my particular take on things. But this one woman commenter was just down-right whacky.

    Crazed comments from animal rights activists though, I love them and go out of my way to attract those types of morons to my blog.

  2. Glad to see your back blogging.

    Don't let the coward(s) get you down!